运行泊坞版本4.0 问题 Problem running docker version 4.0[homebridge-docker]

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您好, 我运行泊坞窗版本4.0 有问题。 我有一个旧的 "最新", 这是工作的罚款, 所有刚刚开始。 如果我想开始4.0 包相同的设置和相同的插件和所有 inste..。 Hello, I have problem running docker version 4.0. I have one old "latest" which is working fine and all just start. If I want to start 4.0 package with same settings and same plugins and all inste...


当一个人试图通过 KDE 系统设置 (获取新主题) 安装它时, 图标主题没有正确安装 Icon theme is not installed correctly when one tries to install it via KDE system settings (get new theme)[adapta-kde]

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问题是来自该链接 https://github.com/PapirusDevelopmentTeam/papirus-icon-theme/archive/20170921.tar.gz 的存档中有不必要的文件夹。图标文件夹应存档..。 The problem is that the archive from that link https://github.com/PapirusDevelopmentTeam/papirus-icon-theme/archive/20170921.tar.gz has unnecessary folder inside. The icon folders s


清单列表条目中的 linux/amd64 没有匹配的清单 no matching manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries[wordpress]

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试图拉动最新的图像, 无论是与码头组成-d 和 # Dockerfile 与 SSL 激活从 wordpress DEBIAN_FRONTEND 非交互式运行 apt-得到更新和 \ apt-得到区升级..。 Trying to pull latest image either with docker compose up -d and # Dockerfile with SSL activated FROM wordpress ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive RUN apt-get update && \ apt-get dist-upgra


无法使用管理断开有线网络连接 Unable to disconnect wired network using networkmanager[swagarch-build]

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我不知道这是一个 swagarch 的问题或上游, 但每当我试图断开 "有线连接" 从 NM 小程序 (检查我的 wifi 或蓝牙连接), 它会自行重新连线。 ... I don't know if this is a swagarch issue or upstream, but whenever I try to disconnect the "Wired connection" from the NM applet (to check my wifi or bluetooth connection) it reconnects by itself. ...


功能请求: 允许指定将存储 crashrecovery 备份的目录 Feature request: allow specifying a directory where crashrecovery backups will be stored[profile-sync-daemon]

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我最近遇到了一个非常利基的问题, 这与不重新同步。 长话短说: 我的浏览器配置文件很大, 我的系统 SSD 很慢, 只要检测到不状态就需要一个..。 I recently encountered a very niche issue that has to do with ungraceful resync. Long story short: my browser profile is big, my system SSD is slow, whenever ungraceful state is detected it takes a...


cpufreq-小程序: 频率/单位标签呈现部分或根本不 cpufreq-applet: freq/units labels render partially or not at all[mate-applets]

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预期行为在面板上放置的 cpufreq 小程序应完全呈现并保持不变。 实际行为几乎总是, 单位标签上的最后一列或两个像素丢失 (例如..。 Expected behaviour A cpufreq applet placed on the panel should render completely and remain so. Actual behaviour Almost always, the last column or two of pixels on the units label is missing (e.g. ...


功能要求: 处理后退出。 Feature request: Quit after processing.[goaccess]

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一个很好的用例是在旋转 nginx 日志之前 logrotate 运行 goaccess。纠正我, 如果我错了, 但目前没有办法告诉 goaccess 只处理日志文件和退出..。 A nice use case would be to have logrotate run goaccess before rotating the nginx logs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's currently no way to tell goaccess to just process the log files and exit...


左/右对齐床只有一个 endstop/探头 Aligning Bed left/right with only one endstop/probe[Marlin]

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您好是否有一种方法, 使床左/右使用两个马达只使用一个 endstop/探头? 它会走这条路: 家通常 (G28) 探头的病床平整正常 (G29) 使用两个马达..。 Hi Is there a way to align the bed left/right using the two motors using only one endstop/probe? It would go this way: home normally (G28) probe for bed leveling normally (G29) use the two motors ...


删除模型的硬要求 Remove hard requirement for a model[trailblazer-generator]

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有时, 一个单元格可能需要一些没有模型的东西, 例如页脚。如果我给出了一个页脚的单元格名称: 错误: 您提供了一个无效的类名, 可以有一个标志或 som..。 Sometimes a cell might be needed for something that doesnt have a model, e.g. a footer. If I give a cell name of footer I get: Error: You provided an invalid class name Could there be a flag or som...


奇怪的分析错误 Weird parsing error[univocity-parsers]

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有时, 比方说每5次尝试, 我都会得到一个错误, 其中只分析了部分行。 它仅通过将行的第一个字符返回为 "完整行" 来体现自己。 我已经尝试输入 st..。 Sometimes, say every 5 attempts, I get an error where only part of the row is parsed. It manifests itself by only returning the first character of the row as the "complete row". I've tried input st...


零: 支持相册艺术作为 keep_fields 的一个选项 zero: Support album art as an option in keep_fields[beets]

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这是问题的后续-#2589-我被要求在这里报告它为 "bug" 或 "请求"。 问题 = 零插件不能保持, 或者是干预与 embedart plugi..。 This is a follow up to the issue - #2589 - and I have been asked to report it here as a 'bug' or 'request'. Problem = The zero plugin is not able to keep, or is interferring with the embedart plugi...


安装问题 install problem[yii2-usuario]

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跟随指示这里: http://yii2-usuario.readthedocs.io/en/latest/和作曲家要求2朋友或 yii2-usuario: ~ 1.0 也尝试 @dev 并且改变稳定对开发, 2 朋友或 yii2-selectize-小部件 #..。 followed the instruction here: http://yii2-usuario.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ and composer require 2amigos/yii2-usuario:~1.0 also try @dev and change stability to dev,